Built to be accessible to families of all abilities, the Kidszone™ Table is a crowd pleaser that encourages group play.

Designed to play at a height that allows for children of all abilities and sizes to interact, the Kidszone™ Table is for everyone. With a sturdy frame and quality finish, our Table comes in a variety of touchscreen size options to suit any sized space.

No fall zones, safe, interactive and playful – this product hosts a range of multi-player games that encourage group interaction with characters and worlds kids will love, all at a visually accessible size.

We offer a range of aftercare options too. Subscribe to IM to schedule content in real-time and receive anonymous game play analytics, or access our service and support team for help, or to arrange quarterly maintenance.

Ask us about our options:

  • 32 inch screen
  • 55 inch screen
  • 65 inch screen
  • 75 inch screen

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