Play & Paediatrics at Toowoomba Hospital

November 3, 2021

A much needed and loved Hospital PLAY-OVER* – at Toowoomba Hospital Australia

*(Yes, we mixed a make-over with Play, and just created Play-Over πŸ˜‰

Childrens Hospital Play Space Interactive

We love what we do, if you know Play9 – you should know that by now, we especially love our work in Hospitals. Whether its 1 simple item or a total Ward Play-Over πŸ˜‰ We love hearing from the medical team about the respite and smiles it brings to families.

This gorgeous Play-Over consisted of:

  • Full Wall Art Designs, every room, play room and entry by our wonderful team
  • Magical entrance to the Paediatrics ward, gorgeous arching Trees with surprising animal creatures and a stunning array of carefully curated colourful lighting
  • Each room had its own character theme, inspired by Native Australian creatures
  • A Play room with our oh so popular Whoosh (interactive Slide) complete with hidey tunnel, A corner Nook with varying levels of seating, Interactive trees, with voice reactive Creatures and interactive Pee-a-boo screens, tucked away as a surprise. And yes, of course, our Interactive Gaming Kidszone: still our most popular and much loved product globally!

Like to know more about the importance of Play in Medical environments – just ask:


VIDEO By Toowomba Hospital Foundation

Interactive Tree Toowoomba Hospital Play