Play9 and Brisbane Airport doing it for the kids

September 28, 2015

Downtime at Brisbane Airport has become interactive play time for kids with the installation of a new family-friendly Play9 Kidszone Classic in the Departure lounge of the International Terminal.

Brisbane Airport is the first airport globally to feature the innovative Play9 digital play centre that encourages travelers to actively participate in fun, interactive and free animated games and challenges.

Since its recent installation on the ‘Village Green’ in the middle of the newly redevelopment International Terminal, the play centre has been a huge hit with travelers big and small. Toby Innes, Head of Retail, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) said, “Our vision for the Village Green zone in the Departures Area was to create a park-like space where families could relax. Central to this is providing options for keeping youngsters entertained”.

“The Play9 Kidszone was the perfect solution as today’s kids are digitally savvy and are not afraid to engage with interactive technology. The console has been in place for only three weeks and it’s been incredible to see the number of people who have enjoyed playing the games offered, and it’s not just kids and families,” Mr Innes said.

We at Play9 know from our history within shopping centres that our products provide high engagement levels for children, which improves the retail journey for adults. This, in turn, creates increased customer satisfaction and improves sales for food, beverage and retail stores within the vicinity.

Every client we work with has a different consumer profile and we always work to incorporate their local identity. When designing the games for the Kidszone at Brisbane Airport we initially thought about games like “Gate Closing” and “Ground Control”, but we realised our audience, kids, are dealing with different realities at airports, which explains our game pack, In The Air. This pack includes games like, ‘Dinner Tray’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’, tailored specifically for our partners at BNE.

Play9 Director Mark Hodgens says, “The strength of Play9 is our content creation. We have a team of brilliant creatives, developers, animators and sound technicians that love sinking their teeth into new and exciting projects, and our Play9 Kidszone product is a testament to this.”