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Perth Airport | WA, AUS

Sky High

Take to the skies of Perth in a space inspired by its landscape and location.

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The Galleria | ABU DHABI, UAE

Coastal Cruise

Play-along-the-way in Abu Dhabi’s famous shopping mall with two spaces translated for an International market.

Forest Hill Chase | MEL, AUS

The Pods

Two aerated pods with sleek mesh design, made for little kids on the move.

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The Fashion Mall at Keystone | IN, US

Tiny Town

One of two, play along-the-way play spaces designed to draw families through the mall.

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Pacific Werribee | MEL, AUS

Tree House

A safari-themed 5.5 metre, three story treehouse, complete with a giant slide.

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Forest Hill Chase | MEL, AUS

Secret Forest

An enchanted forest of two halves, designed for children of differing age groups.

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Florida Mall | FL, US

Wonder Garden

Light, sound and motion combine in this 15m x 8m hi-tech play space in the heart of Florida Mall.

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