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About us

Tinkerers. Mischief makers. Digital play experts.

After starting in the experiential space, our Play9 team has evolved into world leaders in interactive play design. 


Since 2009, we've thrown out the traditional play rule book to design products, spaces and games that have earned awards in both architectural and product design categories.


We're the trusted play partner of some of the worlds largest shopping centre portfolios, airports, museums and hospitals; delivering truly magical spaces that combine physical and digital.

Proudly Australian, all design, innovation and manufacturing is done in Melbourne.

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Pixie Stones

Cloud Xylophone

Role Play Cottage

Transformer Truck

Smoothies_FoodTruck (1).png
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Play Space Design

Reimagining kids play in commercial environments, swapping traditional play for with immersive worlds 

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Play Strategy

From custom spaces to play-along-the-way, our team can help you develop your play strategy

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Product Design

Smart, stunning and solid kids play products that combine both physical and digital play

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Interactive kids gaming

Original content for group play, with gorgeous graphics and incidental learning games 

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Service and Support

Taking ownership beyond install, our team help maintain spaces and offer ongoing support

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IM Platform™

Access to our purpose built platform for interactive experiences, analytics and scheduling

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Taking kids play to immersive new heights

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