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Commercial play spaces that turn heads and make smiles


Chadstone Shopping Centre

Active play combines with sensory in this themed adventure

Chadstone Play Space.png

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Compact sensory play in a nature themed hive


Perth Airport

Taking interactive play to immersive new heights


Forest Hill Chase

Aerated pods with sleek mesh design for enclosed play

Good Design Awards_White Logo.png

The Galleria Al Maryah Island

Play translated for an International market.

The Galleria_CoastalCruise_Play9_Header 4_2x.jpg

Florida Mall

Light, sound and motion combine in a hi-tech play space

Florida Mall_TheWonderGarden_Space1.jpg

Forest Hill Chase

An enchanted forest of two halves for differing ages

Good Design Awards_White Logo.png

Werribee Plaza

A safari-themed, 5.5m treehouse with giant slide

Good Design Awards_White Logo.png

Fashion Mall at Keystone

Play-along-the-way in Indianapolis

Good Design Awards_White Logo.png

Toowoomba Pediatrics

Stress-relieving play to distract and amuse


Castle Plaza

Flora meets fauna in a compact play space

Castle Plaza 2.jpg

Interactive kids play spaces

From international airports to children's hospitals, shopping centres to parents rooms; we have Kidszones™ and commercial playgrounds everywhere.

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Anywhere in the world.
  • Do you sell play products or design spaces?
    Both and more! Our Play9 Studios team are a versatile mix of interactive play designers. We develop play strategies, build interactive kids games, and design and install play products and spaces for clients around the world. Our playgrounds and products have won multiple internationally recognised awards in product design and architectural urban design categories.
  • What are the lead times on your commercial playground equipment?
    Delivery and install times vary depending on the product mix. Playgrounds with larger showpiece products generally require longer lead times. In general, play products sold individually are ready to be dispatched within 8 weeks. Play spaces take 18 weeks from sign off to installation. Once a play space is signed off and payment made, you will receive an estimated delivery date.
  • Do you do bulk discounts across my group portfolio?
    We work with many companies across their portfolio. In some instances yes, we do offer bulk discounts. If you'd like to discuss engaging Play9 Studios for multiple projects, get in touch and we can discuss options specific to your needs.
  • Do you recommend fencing for indoor or outdoor play?
    While each space is unique, in general we believe in free-range kids play, with a focus on creating safe traffic flow. When kids are fenced in, supervision is not always guaranteed. Instead, we recommend barriers that prevent kids from spilling into walkways and away from hazards such as escalators. The Play9 Studios team will work with you to determine the right fencing solution for your playground; whether it is closed, or open at single or multiple entry points. It's always best to contact us for more information.
  • Do you do seating?
    Yes, we design seating too. Our seating comes in a range of styles to suit our interactive play equipment, with shoe storage or curved options available. When we design play spaces, we suggest the best locations for seating, ensuring it feels integrated. As a leading playground equipment supplier and specialist, we also have the ability to design custom pieces specific to your needs. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more.
  • Do you do parents/family rooms?
    Absolutely! We have physical and digital indoor playground equipment that works against walls, or in rooms - big or small. You can check out our products page to see our playground equipment range, or you can contact us if you're interested in designing a complete parents room play area.
  • How safe is your commercial playground equipment?
    We don't just build smart, we build safe. Our play spaces are safety certified, with our play products also using light, sound and motion to promote inclusivity for kids of all ages and abilities. Our digital play products are not generic, standardised soft play equipment - they're made from high quality, commercial-grade materials that won't wear out easily after repeated use. We design for kids, no matter where they reside, but our products are always adapted to regional specific safety standards. Usually this means ensuring safe fall zones and impact attenuation, but we'll add bespoke elements if required.
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