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Fashion Mall at Keystone

Tiny Town

Lava Land

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One of two, play along-the-way play spaces designed to draw families through the mall

Using Play9 Studios’ play-along-the-way strategy, we created two distinctively different play spaces, connected by styling, products and immersive content. 

'Tiny Town' leveraged our gorgeous Tiny Town game pack in a lush green space filled with interactivity, stories and creatures waiting to be discovered at every turn. With our Pixie Stones™, Dino Egg™ and our Kidszones™, this magical escape offered much need respite for families in convenient locations. 'Lava Land' mirrored the textures and material choices of its ready-to-play partner, but gave it a volcanic edge with our Robo_Rock game packs and orange and red tones.

’Tiny Town’ was awarded with an internationally recognised Good Design Award for its stand out Products for Commercial and Industrial spaces.

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Concept Render

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Other spaces

From international airports to children's hospitals, shopping centres to parents rooms; we have Kidszones™ and commercial playgrounds everywhere.