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If you're looking for a way to make your space stand out, look no further. The Cloud Explorer is the type of multi-functional play that kids will beg to play on. Packed with features, it's dual entries of ropes and cloud steps lead to an immersive floor lookout before propelling kids upwards. Take a trip down a sensory slide, or climb higher into the balloon where kids can play a magical xylophone or lie on a net while staring at a projected ceiling. We warn you, kids will swarm!


To extend your theme, combine with our Rainbow Twinkle Poles, Kidszone Corner, Cloud Scoops game pack and Pixie Stones for an up in the air theme made for tall spaces.

Cloud Explorer

  • Bolt-in floor mount

    Multiple GPOs

    Fall zones apply (regional specific standards)

    Tall ceilings

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