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If you'd like to organise maintenance, or want to discuss all-things-IM Platform™, get in touch via email.


For all other queries, check out our guides below. We're always around to help if you prefer a more guided hand.

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Service and Support

Support is never far away

Go Live Guide

Woohoo! Welcome to the Play9 Studios family. 


This handy guide has everything you need to know about our installation process.

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Technical Guide

Ah, tech. Smart, sensory, interactive - but to learn what makes our spaces tick, start here.

Think of this as a DIY troubleshoot guide. Expert level: basic.

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Cleaning Guide

If buttery handprints are your achilles heel, download this guide. 


From restoring the touch in touchscreen, to keeping your products shmick! - these tried and tested methods work. 

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Kidszone Classic™

Schedule content

If you're a lucky IM Platform™ account holder, you can change the content on your Kidszone™, or look at analytics at anytime. If you'd like a walkthrough of the IM Platform™, just email Service and Support. To see what games are on offer, geek out on our Games page.

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