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Toowoomba Hospital

Bush play

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Decorating rooms (and walls) with treasure hunts, puzzles and play!

Wizardly Wombats, Charismatic Kangaroos, Pirate Platypuses and G-Force Galahs took flight with gorgeous illustrations mixed with child-like scribbles to help characters achieve the impossible. 

With a little Play9 magic, the playroom became a calming, but playful space offering respite to families in for the short and long haul. A storytime corner gave parents and kids a chance to sit together, while our Whoosh™ and Kidszone Classic™ helped stretch legs and minds. Smaller screens hidden in tree nooks and interactive wall art added to the discovery vibe.


Hygenic, commercial-grade and wipeable; all play products and flooring were specifically catered to withstand the demands of the environment and the little critters who use them. 

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Other spaces

From international airports to children's hospitals, shopping centres to parents rooms; we have Kidszones™ and commercial playgrounds everywhere.