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Chadstone Shopping Centre

Treetop Adventure

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Elevating play for kids in the Southern Hemisphere's largest shopping centre

Australia's most iconic shopping centre wanted to captivate its smallest audience with two spaces blending the best in childhood design innovation and interaction. We delivered with a gorgeous native-inspired play space made to engage all the senses.

With a combination of physical and digital products throughout, the main space centred on two towers; each with core features accessible for kids 1-9. An infinity climber integrates platforms, ropes and sound-enabled button light trails for safe but exciting free play climbing. A second sensory tower platform links to the first via a suspended tunnel, leading to mirror surfaces, lit floors, leaf steps and a curved slide. The entire space uses integrated bush sound design to build a sense of discovery and connection to nature.


Either side we placed our Kidszone™ gaming, LED Rainbow Xylophone™, Boinks™, Pixie Stones™, Bird Spinner™ and Kaleidoscope Mask™ to round the experience. Our Corner Kidszones™ housed our new Bush Mates™ game to connect Australian flora and fauna to the tree-lined canopy and flooring. Building in environmental messaging and incidental learning, the multiplayer touch games utilise cute graphics, reflex skills and engaging interactions to educate through shared play.

Play9 Studios furniture and fencing solutions tied the space together with stunning, yet durable materials that framed the area, while giving parents a much needed break.

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Concept Render

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