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A nod to heritage for Brent Cross

Our team has recently finished enhancing the kids play area at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, where we’ve brought back the Brent Cross heritage of the caterpillar and turtle.

Earlier this year Brent Cross asked Play9 to transform the space into a kids play area, leading to the installation of an interactive Double-Sided Kidszone Classic and Tabletop. Off the back of the success from the installation, Brent Cross reached out to Play9 with a goal to further develop the area. The main objective for them was to incorporate physical play into the space.

Originally the space was occupied by three wooden sculptures comprising of a turtle, horse and caterpillar. So, with a vision of bringing back the heritage of the caterpillar and turtle, we included the animals in our designs. These were modernised and made to be abstract ensuring that the kids have the freedom of interpretation. Alongside this we scheduled in one of Hammerson’s game packs, Funky Jungle, to complement the animal theme.

We are constantly enhancing and changing our products to suit our clients’ needs and future goals. After all, it’s the journey of our clients’ that excite and inspire us to grow.


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