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Play9 Director presents on Australia By Design

Entrepreneur and Director Tanya Michaelides presents

If you’ve been tuning into Australia by Design, you may have noticed a familiar Play9 face. Our Director, Tanya Michaelides, has been interviewing some of Australia’s most innovative design businesses. It's only fitting! Who better to discuss a new generation of smart products and solutions (after all, it's what we do too).

As a business entrepreneur and founder of an interactive experiential business, Tanya was in her element.

“Proud to be part of an incredible line up! It’s inspiring to see the determination and ingenuity of Australian businesses as they problem solve exciting solutions to meet every day needs. We are a country of enormous hidden talent.”

Play9 Studios, a brand within the TKM9 Group, has featured on both Australia by Design season 3 and 4, as well as on the California and New York versions. The Play9 Studios team are proud winners of 4 Good Design Awards for Urban Design and Commercial and Industrial Product Design.

Australia BY DESIGN airs on Saturdays on Channel 10. You can catch Tanya on the 27th of Feb and 20th of March.

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