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Florida Mall blooms with a wondrous play park

The wonders of nature meet interactive digital kids play, at the new Florida Mall indoor Play Park, Orlando, US.

The Play Park created by Play9, spans over 3,000 square feet and is bursting with the latest in digital and traditional play coming together. Featuring wonderful sound and light displays in tunnels, glowing grass, and kaleidoscopic giant mushrooms, it is play with a truly creative twist.

“This is what play should be” comments Tanya Michaelides, Play9’s Director. “We felt privileged to partner with Simon Group – Florida Mall, who are equally as dedicated to providing a truly innovative and exceptional experience for families as we were”.

As shopping centres step-up the consumer experience, Play9 continues to explore ways to ensure their interactive Play Spaces deliver on the client’s brief. “When we design and manufacture for a commercial space, increased visitation and dwell times are certainly an intended consequence but with kids play and creative design at the core of what we do, infectious smiles is our aim” comments Tanya.

Florida Mall Play Park certainly delivers on smiles. Children of all ages can enjoy a combination of digital and traditional play. The Play Park features a Digital Pond where kids can catch digital worms (aimed at ages 3 to 6 years) and an immersive interactive game called ‘Mushroom Run’ for older children (ages 7 to 10 years). Our unique twist on more traditional play elements will also surprise, with a giant Spinning Top, Wind Tube and Stepping Stones that are both sound and light reactive.

The design of the Play Park cleverly incorporates seating for parents and additional calmer spaces with a connection back to nature for the children. “Kids can sit and talk into a giant flower and communicate to other children in other areas of the play space, listen to a magical story as they take cover in an interactive tunnel or take time out in the oversized 6-foot Egg. It is truly designed to delight” comments Mark Hodgens, Director at Play9.

Now officially opened to the public, it will certainly be fun to watch this garden grow!


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