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Hospital Play, it’s a different kind of Play

Hospital Play, it’s a different kind of Play. It needs to support the family unit and the children’s needs, mainly to reduce anxiety, of simply being in a hospital.

Talking to Play9 Studios Director, Tanya Michaelides she goes on to explain how Play9 has crafted a range of play products and digital games specifically designed for Hospital Play.

It’s been a studio passion designing for Hospitals Michaelides says “we had to build items that could fit in the space, be beautiful, fun and easy to clean and allow the Hospital to control the themes of play in the different locations” The play items are mostly made of solid surface materials and the colours, sound and digital game content are all controlled by a content management system.

Another interesting output of the play products, is the Analytics dashboard that allows hospital staff to look at the traffic of play and adjust the content based on the needs of the different locations or departments.

Asking Tanya where they have installed their play products “so far in many hospitals all over the world with many across Australia and in different departments for different needs. Some play is relaxing play, to calm kids down, while other play needs focus to distract kids from the situation”

So far Play9 Studios have installed in over 8 hospitals throughout Australia and continue to work closely with hospital staff to craft the engagement with the correct design.

Staff and Parents feedback has played a fundamental role in what we do comments Michaelides “Staff need the play to function within the Hospital environment and parents need play that is easy, but keeps their kids close, calm and engaged”.

Play9 Studios have refined there products over the years to ensure they fit within the hospital and support the staff within their day to day activities.

One element that has been key to the play9 range has been its ability to help fundraise for the hospital says Michaelides “we have been able to put the sponsors logo on the digital content, along with the decals and create channels to help the sponsors donations be recognised in making the playspace happen”.

Play9 studios products can be found here:


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