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Our new addition – Kidszone™ Boulder

We are thrilled to introduce the newest product to our ready-to-play range, the Kidszone™ Boulder. The Boulder, as it’s already become affectionately known is proving to be a client favourite. The Boulder is designed with an unusual shape, giving it extreme quirkiness and playfulness. Like all of our products, the Boulder has been designed to be sculpturally beautiful, creating a product which is not only attractive to kids but also aesthetically pleasing in the environment.

The product comes to life through the round interactive screen and comes in a single and double-sided option. Our Play9 team is made up of tinkerers who have a large variety of special skills which allow us to create, develop and build our very own games in-house. The games created for the boulder are designed to be singular player, giving those kids who want to play alone or have some quiet time in the space to do so. With easily changeable content The Boulder can stay fresh and updated, even keeping update to date with the seasons and festivities.

Play9 reinvents traditional play through the creation of beautiful sculpture play. Products are made to be abstract, allowing for interpretation, and with it, they are brought to life in the different ways they are used. Sound, light, and illumination change the form of the objects, making the whole space more enchanting.

Find out more on our Kidszone™ Boulder page.


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