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Paediatric Play at Toowoomba Hospital

A much-needed and loved Hospital PLAYLIFT

*Yes, we mixed a facelift with play, and we're good with it 😉

There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing our spaces and Kidszones™ in Hospitals. Especially when the wards and treatment rooms get a new lease on life. Hearing the medical team tell you of the smiles it brings to families is truly rewarding.

This gorgeous playlift consisted of full wall art designs throughout the Paediatrics department; including corridors, treatment rooms, wards and play room.

The magical entrance was framed with our gorgeous Talking Trees™, subtly lighting up the space with sound reactive LEDs. Each ward also had its own character theme with discovery wall decal games inspired by Australian native fauna.

To breakaway from the hospital vibes, the play room wowed with: our oh-so-popular Whoosh™ slide and mood tunnel, a corner book-nook framed by Talking Trees™, voice-reactive creatures and interactive Peek-a-boo screens™. And yes, of course, our interactive gaming Kidszone™ - still our most popular product globally!

Like to know more about the importance of play in medical environments? Just ask:

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