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Play Along The Way at The Fashion Mall at Keystone

Imagine a Shopping Centre where play spaces are strategically placed throughout, instead of being located in a single location. Parents are assured that they can shop with their kids, without having to traverse across the entire centre.

It’s for this very reason that our Play9 team has developed our ‘Play Along The Way’ strategy. Already rolled out to Airports and Shopping Centres around the world; Simon Property Group is the latest to adopt the approach.

‘Play Along The Way’ is not just about scattering play items across a shopping centre. It adds to the narrative of the centre or mall: matching the right play items, levels of play, interactivity and content to the environment in which they’re situated. Done well, its common visual language and decorative features take families on a journey that evolves as they move throughout the shopping centre.

Following on from our successful delivery of the Wonder Garden play space at Florida Mall, Simon Property Group engaged Play9 to develop two ‘Play Along The Way’ spaces at The Fashion Mall at Keystone. We created the play spaces on separate levels in the mall to encourage traffic flow within the centre and create natural dwell points. Each space was connected visually to appeal to different demographics and play styles. In typically Play9 fashion, we incorporated: light, sound and motion, inclusive gaming and discovery role play pieces, alongside active sculptural play products. This ensured that our spaces appealed to different interests, personalities and families of all abilities and ages.

The Nature Play Space, located on the Ground Floor, uses storytelling play products, vibrant green tones and nature-themed gaming content to create an immersive world. Level 2’s Lava Play Space makes use of vibrant orange and red tones and our Robo Rock game pack to bring its out-of-this-world theme to life. Both spaces utilise products from our Play9 Ready-to-Play collection, with one space focussed on active play and the second on imaginative role play.

‘The City Moms’ sent two of their members Kelly and Dara to the grand opening of the play spaces. A delighted Kelly said, “I really liked that both playgrounds were similar, but each had their own unique vibe. I feel that this has brought indoor mall playgrounds to the next level with both traditional and interactive play.”

We are so excited to bring more ‘Play-Along-The-Way’ to commercial spaces in the coming months. If you’d like any more information on our strategy, contact the Play9 team for more.


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