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Play9 Studios, reaches over 337 million games plays with interactive digital kids games

“Our interactive digital kids play zones, have way surpassed our original goals, when we set out we just wanted to create a commercial platform to entertain kids, but demand has driven us to new heights ” comments Play9 Global Director, Tanya Michaelides.

We have worked extensibly on the game characters that really make children smile and be enchanted, it is interactive play with a digital twist! “Children get to know the animated characters within the game play, and for those who have repeat visits, it’s another way to build some continuity and positive associations with their visits” explains Tanya. “Feedback from families has been great, they are largely surprised by the games being group play, with skill and and activity play being a key role.…”.

Play9 Studios continues to build new interactive digital kids games with designed stunning products to house the interactions.


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