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Roly’s Exciting New Mobile Adventure

Play9 is proud to announce the release of Roly & the Leafy Lair to both major mobile app stores.

Roly has been, by far, one of Play9’s most popular characters, starring on our Kidzones™ in play spaces all around the world. For the first time, you can play Roly & the Leafy Lair at home, or on the go.

Roll into a maze adventure to take on Tiki the Tarantula and his hypnotised minions. Guide Roly into his Leafy Lair by eating your way through leaves and avoiding creatures. Make it through each level, giving yourself the chance to take on Tiki and save the forest from his tyranny.

Available on the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android), you can now continue enjoying Play9 Games wherever you are. Whether on the comfort of your couch, on your commute to school/work or in the surroundings of one of our award-winning play spaces.

The first 10 levels are available now. Watch out for even more levels, worlds and characters in the very near future.

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