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Sky High lands

Our latest gesture and joystick game

Never content with boring kids content - our Play9 Studios team have created an exciting new game for our Classic Kidszone™ units (and IM Platform™ subscription holders).

Kids take flight using their arms as wings on a flight 37,000ft high. Race through the clouds on a vibrant colour trail; catching pilots caps and rainbows. Watch our for mini storms - they'll slow you down!

Combining gorgeous graphics, augmented reality and gesture gaming; Sky High is another example of the quality of our Play9 games library. Also available in touch and mobile formats (because kids can't get enough of this one!)

Existing subscription clients - you know what to do. Log into your IM Platform™ account and schedule to your Classic Kidszone™. If you're not a subscription holder - you're missing out. We're always expanding the offering so your audiences have plenty of content to stay engaged. You can chat to our Service and Support team if you'd like to upgrade (or even to get a sneak peek at what's on offer).

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