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Vicinity makes Parents’ Rooms a Destination

Partnering with Vicinity Centres and Forest Hill Chase, Play9 is pleased to launch their interactive Kidszones into the parent amenities space. With a wall mounted design to “pop” and entice kids, Rusty The Pirate comes to life in the new family room environment.

The team at Forest Hill Chase wanted to move away from TV screens merely playing cartoons or DVDs in the parent amenities and were only too pleased to engage Play9 to solve this challenge.

The team at Play9 has ensured that their games are designed to suit the environment with appropriate content. The ‘in centre’ gaming content has been designed to be high energy, allowing kids to let off some steam whereas, the parents’ amenity content sets a calmer and more thought-provoking tone. The Play9 content team not only consider kids when designing their games, but also the parent/guardian, which is why the content in the parents’ rooms has been designed to keep kids (usually a sibling) entertained in a calm manner.

The roll-out of Play products into parents’ amenities and retail footprints continues at pace.

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