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Play meets architecture in a space that compliments its surrounds

Port Adelaide Plaza wanted to add value for the families that regularly visited their centre. As part of their renovations, Play9 were tasked with creating an open play area that complimented the architecture and further enhanced the space.

Using a combination of colour, material, height and texture; we chose a mix of physical and digital play products that connected to the modernised interior, while providing enough play value to help families extend their trip at the plaza.

Play Items Include:
  • Kidszone™ Classic
  • Whoosh
  • Talking Tree
  • Play Mounds
  • Play9 Flooring

Have a space that needs some Play9 magic?

The Play9 2021 playbook has all the inspiration you need to turn your space into an immersive wonderland. We’ve created worlds for every size; combining our ready-to-play play products with our unique content and styling. Intrigued? Get in touch for an exclusive sneak peek.


Play9 Playbook